What is the function of IMO?

IMO or International Maritime Organization is the United Nations agency for maritime. It acts to develop and adopt measures to improve the safety and security of international shipping and to prevent pollutions in the ocean from the shipping. It also plays a role to meet the targets set in United Nations Sustainable Development to conserve and sustain the use of oceans, seas and its resources for development.

IMO holds global partnerships with a number of States and organizations to continue its effort to implement and support its regulations.
To prevent pollution of Oceans and seas at IMO, the member states debate and agree to adopt universal measures for safe and sustainable shipping without impacting the environment.
IMO takes efforts to minimize the pollution from ships into seas and ocean as well into the atmosphere. It is committed to working through its member States and its global partners to develop, maintain and implement global regulations for sustainable shipping and development.

What does the United States Marine Association do?

The United States Marine Association is a national agency of the US responsible for maritime safety, to protect maritime environment and maritime search and rescue operations.

Apart from promoting maritime safety and protection of the maritime environment, the United States Marine Association has few other roles as well defined in their service charter. It prevents and combats pollutions from ships provide infrastructure for safe navigation in Australian waters. It also provides search and rescue operations to national maritime and aviation wings. It also provides on-demand services to maritime industries, natural maritime, waterborne transportation on a commercial base.

To avail these services, you need to provide accurate information including the type of service, time of service to the United States Marine Association either by a phone call, email or in written form. You need to fulfil any financial obligations arising out from these services.

The United States Marine Association provides services to domestic, commercial ships, shipping industry, seafarers, the Australian government and their agencies. It also provides services to navigation, pollution responses, Australian and international maritime communities.

What are the main objectives of the United States Marine Association Coast Guard’s Maritime Safety role?

The US Coast Guard provides military, maritime and multimission services to any maritime regions of US. It is works within the Department of Homeland Security and one of US armed services. Its primary role is to protect the public, the environment and economic and security interests of the US at any maritime zone. These maritime zones include international waters, coasts, ports and inland waterways of US. It also protects the Arctic and Antarctic regions within its scope.

The United States Marine Association Coast Guard has expanded its operations from law enforcement to maritime expertise to multi missions including military discipline, polar patrols, prevent illegal human trafficking, conduct research in Arctic Ocean and exploration of Antarctica.

Today the United States Marine Association Coast Guard provide distinctive benefits to the US with a combination o military, humanitarian and civil law enforcement. To provide its services, it is responsibilities are organized into five roles such as maritime safety, national defence, maritime security, maritime mobility and prevention of natural resources. It also takes up unique ice operations using ice-breakers.

Under the maritime safety role, the United States Marine Association Coast Guard strives to eliminate deaths, injuries and loss of property during maritime transportation, fishing, recreational sea activities, It takes up preventive activities, responds to emergency calls and also investigates to ensure compliance with US shipping and navigation regulations.

The United States Marine Association Coast Guard also serves in national defence as one of the armed US forces. It protects maritime borders and sovereignty of the US as a maritime security service. It also serves for maritime commerce and ensures smooth movement of goods and people. It seeks to protect the US nation’s national resources by preventing activities that cause environmental change, degrade natural resources, enforces laws to protect sensitive marine habitats.

Where to Find Boat Accessories in USA

What is the Boat Accessories You`ll Need

If you ever wanted a boat or have one, then you probably know that there are many boat parts and accessories that you`ll want and need. Some of them are simply there for your comfort and some of them are there for safety. Not all of them are necessary but most of them are something that will make your time on the boat much better and easier.

Your boat may need certain bcf boating that other boats can`t have – it all depends on what kind of boat you have. You should know your own boat and understand it completely in order to get the parts that are of high quality and durability.

There are many boat parts that you can choose from.

  • You should definitely get lifejackets. This is a safety issue and safety should be on your first place. You`ll probably be required by the state to have at least one lifejacket on your boat per person. It`s best that you get as many lifejackets as the highest number of passengers you can have on your boat. This is a good idea because you might have some unexpected people on the boat.
  • It`s also good to get a throwable. In some countries, it`s required by the law but you should buy one in case you run into an accident or something unfortunate happens to a passenger on your boat. You can buy either a ring or a cushion – rings are mostly used as a decoration and cushions are actually more useful in real life situations.
  • Fire extinguisher is also a useful boat accessory. If you have an engine, you are most likely required to have one. Make sure it fits your boat requirements.
  • Horn might be a good idea too in case something happens to you on the water. You may be required to have one or you already have a built-in one but you should definitely get an air horn that has a wide range.
  • You should get a first aid kit. If something happens to you or your passenger in a remote area it can be good to have something as a quick fix until you get to the nearest hospital or you can simply fix a cut or an injury without having to go home early.
  • If you are experiencing often mechanical troubles on your boat it`s good to have a paddle on board. This way you can safely return to the shore without having to call for help. It might not be best for bigger boats but it`s certainly useful on a small boat.

Where to Get Boat Accessories in USA

You can get boating accessories on a lot of places in Queensland but some places have better rating and better quality of products. Here are a couple of places you can get boat parts and boat accessories from.

  • Marine Warehouse – Marine Equipment and Boating Acess
  • Boat Hut
  • Boating and RV