USMSA will be phasing out its activities January 2018…

USMSA was organized in 1983 as the United States Lifesaving Manufacturers Association, in order to oppose the Coast Guard’s proposal to delegate inspections to fee-based third parties. Since then the organization has been the conduit for vital information to members and a strong advocate for the industry.

We organized the first International Summit on Approval of Lifesaving Equipment which was co-sponsored by IMO and attended by over 300 delegates from 37 countries. We have held safety seminars and conferences for our members, for the industry and for the public. We have provided comment on many proposed regulations, and have been consulted by USCG, NTSB, US DOT, Transport Canada, and UK Maritime & Coastguard agency. We have developed equipment standards that have been adopted by USCG and have ultimately become the foundation for several international standards. We have represented our members in literally hundreds of meetings of IMO committees and subcommittees, ISO committees and working groups, testified before US Congress, spoken at international conferences and participated in marine casualty investigations.

In short, WE HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE and we have undoubtedly SAVED LIVES. ALL involved in the organization, past and present, should feel proud of what has been achieved, and we invite you to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate your role in that.

In recent years, the organization has faced huge challenges in funding and in continuing to redefine our role in what has become a rapidly changing industry. We have had to make very difficult decisions as a result of declining revenues, and industry dynamics in a similar way as many of you.

As a result, the Board has had to sadly make the decision that continuing operation of USMSA is no longer viable.

So, this means USMSA will be phasing out its activities after the first of the year 2018. Thank you to all who have been a part of it over the years!


The Mission of the USMSA is to be the recognized world leader in the marine safety and survival industries.  To promote the development and implementation of the highest possible performance, manufacturing, maintenance, service and training standards, for all lifesaving, survival and emergency rescue equipment. To be a centralized network for the collection and dissemination of useful information.

To serve and educate the membership, the general public, and governing agencies in a manner which exhibits a commitment to the highest degree of quality and integrity.