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United States Marine Safety Association

Marine Safety consists of a list of precautions and safety measures you need before setting out to navigate in the sea. You need to take these precautionary steps to ensure your sea journey is safe and comfortable. The journey at sea appears calm and it can turn violent and hazardous at any moment. You need to ensure you have necessary preparations for your marine safety to handle unforeseen dangers posed at sea.

You need to thoroughly examine the weather forecast
 and avoid venturing into the sea if the weather is not favorable. You also need to be familiar with the routes you take for navigation and know any specifics to plan when taking up these routes using new technology development. You also need to thoroughly check all your safety tools, have safe corridors on deck and inside the boat. n You also need to check and set your wireless VHF devices to the required frequency and have contacts numbers of nearby emergency call centers.

When you are in threat of safety at sea, you need to properly intimate the rescue team with correct the level of threat like the risk of life, engine failure, towing, propeller issues, weather challenges. This enables them to provide an appropriate level of rescue service to you.

To serve and educate the membership, the general public, and governing agencies in a manner which exhibits a commitment to the highest degree of quality and integrity.

The Mission of the USMSA is to be the recognized world leader in the marine safety and survival industries.

To promote the development and implementation of the highest possible performance, manufacturing, maintenance, service and training standards, for all lifesaving, survival and emergency rescue equipment.

To be a centralized network for the collection and dissemination of useful information. To serve and educate the membership, the general public, and governing agencies in a manner which exhibits a commitment to the highest degree of quality and integrity.

Code of Ethics

Each member, in the performance of their profession, stands in a position of trust in relation to the USMSA as well as their clients. The Ethical Conduct and Ethical Practices delineated herein are intended to guide and assure the professionalism of the members of the USMSA. In the performance of their duties, it is recognized that the competence and knowledge of the members reflects their respective abilities and qualifications. These principles and canons will permit the USMSA to act in an ethical and professional manner, thereby upholding the integrity of the association and its members.

The Fundamental Principles

The members of the USMSA shall uphold and advance their integrity, honor, and dignity by

1. Endeavoring to expand the competence and prestige of the Marine Safety industry.

2. Being truthful and objective in serving their customers, associates and fellow members.

3. Adhering to appropriate regulations and laws.

4. Using their knowledge and skill for the advancement of the industry.

The Fundamental Canons

Canons express in general terms the standards of professional conduct expected of members of the USMSA. This member shall:

1. Perform services only in the areas of their competence.

2. Build their reputation on the merit of their products and services.

3. Continue their professional development throughout their careers.

4. Disseminate knowledge in a truthful and objective manner for the benefit of the association and the industry.

5. At all times display the highest standards of integrity and competence.

USMSA Membership Benefits

The recognized, unified voice of the marine safety industry
A forum for addressing issues of common concern and interest

Participation & Representation

1. Share the strength of a collective voice for the industry
2. Benefit from direct contact with government marine safety policy officials ~ USCG, TC, RSPA, MARAD, DOT, IMO, SNAME, ISO and class societies
3. Provide your expertise, input and comments on national and international regulatory and standards development initiatives
4. Seize leadership opportunities in your profession
5. Support and be part of an Association dedicated to advancing marine safety and survival throughout the world

News & Information

Receive periodic members-only e-blasts and newsletters

1. News and timely information – International and Domestic – on new, proposed, or pending regulations and changes in policy
2. Updates on commercial marine and recreational boating safety and survival
3. Information on new business opportunities
4. ISO Standards development
5. IMO Regulations and initiatives

Access www.usmsa.org – an extensive members-only industry resource

1. IMO circulars and documents
2. USCG policy letters and resource documents
3. DOT & RSPA documents
4. Safety Alerts
5. Casualty Reports
6. E-blast Archive
7. And much more valuable industry information

Participate in USMSA regional meetings, seminars, workshops and social events

Member Benefits

1. Networking opportunities with colleagues in related industries and companies
2. Comprehensive Listing in USMSA’s online and PDF Membership Directory
3. 10% discount off cover price on all IMO publications
4. Special Member Lodging rates during industry events
5. Discount Programs for members-only from FedEx/Kinkos, and Enterprise, Hertz & Alamo/National Car Rentals – for all of your business needs!!